The ideal fencing and wall solution

Each client has their own ideal fencing requirement, which is why Twinside has manufactured a variety of services and products.


  • Supply only (Regional WA)
  • Supply and install (Perth metro area only)


  • DIY/Residential (small contractors and home owners)
  • Supply only (state wide)
  • Supply and install (Perth metro area only)

If you require a service that is not stated on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss your needs and tailor a service solution that suits your requirements.

Contact us on (08) 9248 9988 for more information about our products or services.


Installation & Supply

Concrete Retaining Walls Precast Panels


The Twinside Retaining System is a cantilever retaining wall. Fundamental to the system is the principle that the posts MUST BE CEMENTED into the ground the same distance as they protrude above the...