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Twinside Precast Concrete Products have been manufacturing and supplying quality fencing systems since the 1980s. We have consistently met or exceeded Australian standards whilst not compromising on our professional service and reliable quality along the way.

Our commitment to the use of robust, quality materials, durable finishes, reliability and pleasing aesthetics ensures an excellent solution to the builder and developer alike, whatever the location and design requirements.

Twinside retaining walls and fence systems are designed with quality, strength and permanency in mind and are product engineered to exceed Australian standards. We will not compromise on quality but this is not necessarily reflected in our competitive pricing.

The design in terms of colour and pattern are visually appealing and varied depending upon your project whether it be a residential design or commercial project. The Twinside retaining panels are patterned on just the one side whilst the fence panels possess the unique quality of being patterned on both sides. Twinside are the only organisation to produce precast concrete fencing in this manner which provides you with a unique product offering.


Product Specifications – Twinside Retaining Walls

Product engineered to Australian standards, Twinside retaining wall panels are 60mm thick and contain steel reinforcing in accordance with AS 4671. The posts are also reinforced with steel, also in accordance with this standard. Twinside retaining walls up to 1500mm high are standard with concrete posts whilst those above this height require galvanised steel posts.

Twinside retaining walls can be designed and engineered for high-load applications such as immediately adjacent to and under roads and buildings. The wall system is also available and fully certified for wind areas such as Region D cyclone zones, with increased loading from colourbond fencing immediately above the wall. The latter system includes the use of galvanised steel posts for all retaining wall heights

All concrete exceeds 40mpa and quality control checks are regularly carried out to ensure our exacting standards are met. Evidence of this can be provided upon request if required.


Why Twinside?

  • Double sided pattern – unique to Twinside
  • Ease of installation
  • Exceptional strength
  • Quality controlled
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Range of colours/patterns
  • Cost effective
  • Supply and install or DIY

Post profiles


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