Our Process

Our manufacturing process has been tried and tested since the 1980s and continues to be successful.

Manufactured to exacting specifications

Twinside pours concrete in the moulds using a failsafe system vertical pouring system to ensure that each panel is manufactured according to the Australian standards authority. This entails vertically pouring the material rather than laying the mixture flat on the ground, which ensures that the regulatory depth of concrete surrounding the metal frame inside the mould is at the approved thickness, resulting in durable, high quality products.

Exclusive product offering

The Twinside product range features a range of visually appealing patterns suited to residential and commercial applications of all kinds. Retaining panels are patterned on one side, while fencing panels are uniquely patterned on both sides. Twinside is the only organisation to produce precast concrete fencing in this manner.

For truly personalised and first-class products and service, trust us to be your fencing and retaining wall specialists.

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